Flexee has started cooperation with Santander Consumer Bank

28 June 2021

An innovative app that stands a chance to transform salary market, Flexee provides its users always-available access to the money they’ve already earned. The project has earned the trust of first investors, corporate clients and even Santander Consumer Bank which is currently testing Flexee within its structures.


Flexee is the first app in Poland that provides the permanent access to salary. Its creators want to change the payday rules, make them more flexible. Thanks to technology that is constantly adapting to our needs and lifestyle, the flexible payday becomes reality. Now the employees of Santander Consumer Bank (SCB) can get their money instantly via smartphone app.


“We’re happy that Santander Consumer Bank has discovered our potential and that we can run the test together within the bank’s structure. This cooperation opens new perspectives of development like providing financial products to bank’s client as well as our users,” says Andrzej Nowak, Flexee CEO.


Santander Consumer Bank is the first bank that will test this innovative solution, inspired by an emerging trend called “salary on demand”. An employee receives money instantly, and upon receiving the official salary the funds are returned automatically or manually by the user. The concept is simple – an employee has always-available access to earned money before the official payday. Such solution is highly valued by most of employees, regardless contracts they have with an employer. Consequently, the app has enormous potential and global range.


“We’re open and curious about results of cooperation with Flexee. At Santander Consumer Bank we’re consistently working on developing our products, as we want our customers to have access to high-tech and innovative solutions. Flexee with its technology fits into our strategy,” admits Maciej Dąbrowski, Head of Consumer Lending at Santander Consumer Bank.


Cooperating with Santander Consumer Bank, the creators of Flexee are simultaneously implementing the technology for employees of acquired business partners, developing the technology for the consumer market.


“Thanks to cooperation with our current partners, we’re going to provide access to Flexee up to 40 000 employees, in the first year of operation alone. Simultaneously we are developing our technology in order to provide a comprehensive offer, directly to all users, bypassing employers. This is a kind of revolution – our users get an instant access to salary whether we have a contract with their employers or not. At the same time we want to integrate with merchants or marketplace platforms allowing our users to pay for shopping within e-commerce channel directly with the money they’ve earned,” adds Andrzej Nowak.


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