Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If this doesn’t answer all of your doubts, please contact us by filling out the form.


Flexee has been designed so that its configuration and ongoing operation require as little time and as few resources as possible. We do not want to involve the payroll and human resources departments in your company in additional work related to the Flexee service. For the settlement of previous payouts, we use a simple xls file import, adapted to your HR and payroll system. The statement includes all the information needed to make adjustments (deductions from the employees’ remuneration of the amount that we have already paid them as a part of the Instant Pay service).
You don’t have to. You can set any monthly limit within which employees can pay out money. The payout balance available in the app may increase with each day, until it reaches the fixed limit. You can also choose another option and allow employees to get money from the entire limit on the first day of the month. It is important that the limit does not exceed the employee’s monthly salary.
First, try our service for 30 days for free on a selected group of employees. You’ll see how simple it is.

In order to start providing salary on-demand service as a part of Flexee app, the employer provides Flexee with the employees’ bank account numbers and sets the value of the monthly payout limit. Other personal data is provided to Flexee by employees upon registration in Flexee app.

Yes, you can. Flexee is a flexible solution. We can collect information from the employer about the number of hours worked by the employee and on this basis calculate the level of the available limit for payout in Flexee app on an ongoing basis. It is the employer who decides how often (e.g. once a day, weekly etc.) Flexee is set to download data on hours worked and how to integrate with the ERP system, HR and payroll systems – Enova, Teta, etc. – or a simple exchange based on an Excel file. In the event of difficulties with updating the number of hours worked by an employee on an ongoing basis, the employer may set the employee an average monthly limit in Flexee app based on previous remunerations. For example, you can set a limit of 50% of the average monthly remuneration of a given employee.
The employer may add to Flexee the so-called sliding remuneration with any frequency, e.g. once a week or once every 2 weeks.
The risk related to bailiff seizures lies with Flexee. The bailiff has priority over the deduction of the Instant Pay. At Flexee’s request, the employer should block the possibility of using Instant Pay immediately upon receiving information about the seizure of the employee’s remuneration by bailiff. The employee therefore does not have access to Flexee in the event of remuneration bailiff.
Employees can use Flexee while on sick leave [Polish form – L4]. However, it should be remembered that only 80% of the payout can be transferred for the period of the employee’s stay on L4. Therefore, it is recommended to impose a percentage limitation on payouts, e.g. set a monthly limit, e.g. 80% of the employee’s remuneration, or maintaining a lower limit at the level of 50% recommended by Flexee.
In the event of the possible occurrence of unexcused absences, Flexee recommends imposing a percentage limit on the amount of payouts, e.g. setting a monthly limit of 50% of an employee’s remuneration. In addition, the employer can easily block the employee from using Flexee at any time from the administration panel.
There are no costs for implementing Flexee in the company. Flexee is a free financial benefit that an employer can offer employees. However, the employer may cover all, or part of the costs related to the use of Instant Pay made by employees.

Employees are not obliged to use Flexee. They may have access to a part of the money already earned, in the amount set by you, only when they need it.

Flexee allows employees to access an equivalent amount of their monthly net income, up to 100% (with the option to limit on demand) as soon as they earn it (they complete a planned and approved shift or work day). The employer decides up to what percentage of the net remuneration employees can get access to.

Funds paid to your employees by Flexee are deducted from their next official remuneration as deductions for Instant Pay loans. Each deduction is made on the basis of the power of attorney that the employee grants in the Flexee app with each payment. The employer has access to the administration panel of the Flexee system with a preview of powers of attorney granted. It can limit the amount to be paid to e.g. 50% of net income earned (with the possibility of further limitations on request). This avoids a situation in which the employee would receive a payout higher than their net salary.

Flexee doesn’t change anything here. The funds provided by Flexee are deducted from the salary for the relevant tax period, including tax, social security contributions and any other adjustments (such as holiday pay, bonuses, uniform and accommodation costs, expenses, etc.). The employer may set individual rules and preferences related to additional benefits.

Employees can only access a limited part of the money they have earned, e.g. up to 50% (with the possibility of a reduction on request). As a result, the employee leaving the company will not be able to pay out more than they are entitled to (even if there is no notice period). During the notice period, the employer may – from the Flexee administration panel – easily block Instant Pay for the employee. Upon departure, the employee will no longer be able to make a payout. Any money already received through Flexee will be deducted from the employee’s last salary.

The employer may block the employee’s payouts at any time. Payouts block is activated within a couple of seconds. The employee’s balance in the app will then be 0 PLN and the employee will not be able to payout any money. Flexee allows payouts of already earned funds, so the employer will not be charged with any additional costs. In addition, if the contract is terminated through no fault of the employer, Flexee has the right of recourse to the employee, as Instant Pay agreement that the employee concludes in Flexee app is a loan agreement concluded between Flexee and the employee.

No. The employer pays the employees’ wages as normal, reduced by the amount set within the Instant Pay service. There is no risk that this will delay your payroll. Flexee has been designed to seamlessly adapt to the principles of employee remuneration systems.

Flexee finances the early payment of remunerations for employees until settlement with the employer. This does not affect cash flow. There is also no risk of overpaying employees’ remuneration from future settlement periods. On the date the employer’s payrolls are settled and the payroll for the month is processed, all employee balances in the Flexee app become zero. During this time, Flexee sends a consolidated deduction report to the payroll department. No employee will get a payout from Flexee until the day following the day they receive their remuneration.

Yes – in a positive way. Flexee can reduce employee turnover, as confirmed by independent studies of companies operating in other European markets. Less rotation means lower costs in the company.

The Flexee app is designed to provide benefits for both employees and employers. By offering Flexee, companies improve recruitment and staff retention, increase productivity and employee commitment. Meet with us and we’ll present you the stories of customers we’ve helped with increasing the general efficiency within their organisations.

Yes, it is. Algorithms take care of security. All data is stored in secure databases on vendor-managed servers on a global scale. We use proven technology used by well-known banks. Our technology helps to verify the user during registration with data from their ID card.

Yes, it is. Flexee Finance sp. z o. o. is on the list of loan institutions of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.


Whether you are employed under an employment contract, a specific task contract, a mandate contract or you are a contract employee running your own business, Flexee calculates your earnings systematically, day after day. Thanks to this, you can pay out the money when you want.

Your employer must sign a contract with Flexee. Then you will receive an invitation in the Flexee app on your mobile phone. Download the app from a store (App Store or Google Play) and enter the code you’ve received in the invitation. You will get access to the app in a few simple steps. In the app, you will see your balance, this is the amount that you can transfer to your bank account. Your balance will be updated daily. The money you have already earned will be arriving on it.

It depends, among other things, on the rules set by your employer. In principle, you will be able to pay out money as soon as your work is completed (for example at the end of the day) and approved (if additional consent from the employer is required). The payout amount is calculated for each working day up to the day on which a complete settlement for a specified period is made – this could be, for example, the last day of a month. We’ll send you notifications before that day. On that day, your Flexee app balance will be equal to zero.

You can pay out money as often as you like, up to the amount of your balance, which will increase steadily until your full remuneration is settled.

You can pay out a percentage of your net salary, as determined by your employer in agreement with Flexee. Typically, this is no less than 50% of the net salary you earn.

We calculate this based on the information we receive from your employer.

Money will be on your account instantly, regardless of the time and day of the week.

The total cost is shown in the app. There are no hidden costs, interest or commissions. Usually it is a couple of PLN and may even be free. It depends on the terms of the contract we sign with your employer.

Flexee finances your payouts. Therefore, in the Flexee app, with each pay out, you will conclude with us an Instant Pay loan agreement. It will be automatically released on the day Flexee settles your payouts with the employer.

No, it won’t. An Instant Pay agreement we conclude is not registered at credit reference bureaus. What’s more, we do not check the creditworthiness of our users. Our service is available to everyone.

You don’t have to do anything. Instant Pay is automatically deducted from your remuneration.

If your new employer has not signed a contract with us, you will not be able to use our app. However, you can indicate a new employer to us by completing a form. We will try to arrange with your new company to introduce Instant Pay.

Your employer will let you know about its cooperation with Flexee, as soon as it starts. If you change employers or have more than one employer, you must receive an invitation code from each of them.

You should receive an invitation to Flexee in the form of an SMS, with a digital code. If you have forgotten or lost your password, we can regenerate it. Write to us at hello@flexee.com

If you tried to log in to the Flexee app for the first time, but after entering your invitation code have realised that it has expired, you can request a new code by sending an email to hello@flexee.eu. If you choose to email us to receive an invitation code, please remember to include:

  • The name of your employer.
  • Your phone number connected to Flexee.

It depends on when the employer provides data from the payroll system. When we get it, this data will be shown in the app as a balance. After your employer has settled your salary, your balance will go to zero, and then your available payouts amount will be recalculated for each day you work. Flexee will receive this information continuously. If you have any questions, please write to: hello@flexee.eu

It means that your employer has closed the settlement period for a fixed period – e.g. on the last day of a month.

Your employer may impose limits, e.g. limit your balance to 50% of what you have earned. If in doubt, write to us at hello@flexee.eu.

If you cannot see the balance, it does not mean that you are not entitled to payouts. Your balance will appear according to the rules set by your employer. If you still can’t see the balance, please email us at hello@flexee.eu. No balance data in the app does not deprive you of your salary.

Your data is safe. We use encryption of the same quality as used in the banking system.

Introduce in your company salary on-demand with the Flexee app.

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