Flexee is gaining the trust of new customers. The start-up is getting noticed by others from the fintech & lendtech industry. One of the many examples is the award issued by the Lendtech Foundation, which shapes and supports the fintech & lendtech ecosystem, as well as digital lending in Poland.

The Lendtech Foundation Awards were presented on 23 September 2021 at the Jabłkowscy Brothers’ House in Warsaw during the Lendtech Congress – the largest fintech & lendtech conference in Poland. This year’s event attracted nearly 300 participants, who had the opportunity to listen to 44 speakers and take part in meetings with experts at 7 expert tables.

During the Conference, a unique publication was presented – the Polish Lendtech Map, which presents the lendtech sector ecosystem in Poland. It encompasses 114 entities, Flexee being one of them. The entities are presented within 13 assigned categories. – Each category is important to the lendtech ecosystem through the services it offers to lenders or directly to its customers – consumers and entrepreneurs. The dynamic development of fintechs, and nowadays also of lendtechs, means that we cannot talk about a closed list – the next edition of the Polish Lendtech Map will probably include many more companies and it is possible that as the portfolio of services expands, lendtech will be divided into many more sections. We are only just starting our journey, but we already have – as the Polish Lendtech Map proves – developed the foundations in terms of infrastructure and competences. With that in mind, lendtech in Poland has good development prospects ahead of it – says Łukasz Piechowiak, editor-in-chief of Lendtech.pl.

Presentation of awards was one of the key elements of the Lendtech Congress. The Foundation wanted to recognize the brands that stand out on the Lendtech Map in terms of their contribution to the development of the digital lending ecosystem, their achievements and significant positive impact on the development of this sector in Poland. Award winners included the Flexee app, which provides employees with instant access to their pay. Every day of the month its users can collect a part of their future pay. All they have to do is specify the amount and it is instantly transferred to their account. The start-up was recognized for launching an innovative salary-on-demand project in Poland. – Flexee proves that ambitious use of fintech technology, smart approach and diligence can raise the employee benefits market to a new level and at the same time set a new direction for the lendtech ecosystem – reads the commendation.

Other award winners included the deferred payment market pioneer PayPo and key analytics market player Asseco Customer. The Comperia SA brand was recognized for a specific project combining lending institutions and e-commerce with a comparison engine, and an individual award was presented to Monika Macura, a lawyer from Konieczny, Wierzbicki Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Spółka Partnerska, for her substantive contribution, innovation and commitment to the development of the lendtech ecosystem in Poland.

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