The innovative Flexee app has the potential to completely transform the payroll market by granting users the ability to withdraw the money they have already earned in advance. First investors have come to believe in the project, as have corporate clients and even Santander Consumer Bank, where Flexee is testing its product.

Flexee is the first application in Poland to provide continuous access to remuneration. Its creators aim to change the rules of remuneration payment, make it more flexible. All this through technology that accompanies us every day. Now Santander Consumer Bank (SCB) employees may collect their pay quickly and easily, using a smartphone.

– We are glad that Santander Consumer Bank noticed our potential and that we can jointly test our product, instant access to remuneration, within the bank’s structures. We believe there is great potential for development in this collaboration, e.g. through providing financial products to both the bank’s clients and our own – says Andrzej Nowak, CEO of Flexee.

Santander Consumer Bank will be the first bank to test this innovative solution, which is very much in line with the “salary on demand” trend. The employee gets the money immediately, and when they get paid – they return the money or it is automatically deducted from their salary. The concept is simple – the employee is given the opportunity to collect the salary they have already earned, even before the formal pay date. Access to remuneration as it is earned is most welcomed by the majority of employees, employed under various types of contracts. Therefore, the application has a tremendous potential and may achieve a global reach.

– We are open and curious about the results of our cooperation with Flexee. At Santander Consumer Bank, we consistently strive to develop our products because we want our clients to have access to modern and innovative solutions. With its technology, Flexee fits in with our strategy – confirms Maciej Dąbrowski, Director of the Direct Sales Product Development Centre at Santander Consumer Bank.

In parallel to working with Santander Consumer Bank, Flexee’s developers implement and deploy the app to employees, in partnership with enlisted employers, and continue to develop their technology to introduce their product to the broad consumer market.– In cooperation with the employers we have already enlisted, we are going to provide access to our app to as many as 40,000 employees, and this in just the first year of Flexee’s operation. In parallel, we are developing our technology to provide a comprehensive offer, i.e. access to the application, to all employees directly, bypassing their employers. This is a revolution of sorts – our users will get instant access to their pay, even if we don’t collaborate with their employers. In parallel, we want to integrate with merchants or marketplace platforms, so as to enable Flexee users to pay for their e-commerce purchases directly from their earned salary. We have a specific vision, and we are implementing it step by step – adds Andrzej Nowak.

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